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No two divorces are alike, but Hays & Strode Law, P.C. is equipped to help you with your dissolution no matter what the situation is. We are happy to provide legal advice and guidance to ensure that your amicable dissolution goes as planned. However, we are also experienced litigators, and we have the ability to obtain positive results for our clients in even the highest-conflict cases. [Back to Top]

Child Support

Raising a child is expensive, so it is very important that the ordered child support in your case is the correct amount, and that payments stay current. If you have questions about whether you’re entitled to child support payments, whether you’re paying too much, or whether the support order should be modified, we can help. [Back to Top]

Parenting Plans

When two people have a minor child together (regardless of whether they are married), the Courts allow them to seek an order establishing a parenting plan for the child. The plan will specifically detail the decisions that each party is entitled to make, the times that the child is to spend with each parent, and the financial aspects of raising a child. Hays & Strode Law, P.C. specializes in drafting plans that work for each specific family’s needs. We recognize that the logistics of parents’ work schedules, their ability to co-parent, the logistics of the children’s school schedules, and innumerable other factors affect whether a plan will be best for a child. Our goal in drafting each parenting plan is to design a creative, flexible plan that allows parents and children to enjoy time together in a safe, healthy way. [Back to Top]

Step-parent Adoption

Hays & Strode Law, P.C. helps families who are seeking legal recognition of their new family structure. We are happy to provide information, guidance, and support for step-parents who want to legally adopt their spouse’s children. [Back to Top]

Guardianships and Conservatorships

Sometimes a minor child or a disabled adult needs supervision and guidance from a responsible person. The law acknowledges this situation by allowing a responsible adult to be appointed as the legal guardian of another person. Hays & Strode Law, P.C. can help you, as a potential guardian, to ensure that you have the legal authority necessary to provide proper care for another person who is not your minor child. [Back to Top]


Courts require nearly all parties in divorce and allocation of parental responsibilities cases to attend mediation before they have a hearing. The mediation process involves the parties sitting down with a neutral third party to attempt to resolve the issues in their case. The third party is not a representative for either side, but is usually someone well-versed in the laws that might affect the case during a hearing. While a mediator will not give either party legal advice, she can help you both understand how a judge might interpret your case. Mediators can help the parties work together to reach a satisfactory result even when the parties are unable to discuss the issues of the case on their own.

Mediation can be completed at many stages of the litigation process. If the parties believe they will be able to agree to everything at the outset of the process, they may be able to complete the entire divorce process during mediation by filling out all required forms at that time. Then, the parties would simply have to file all the documents with the Court and wait the statutory period of 90 days to complete their divorce. Some other parties wait to complete mediation until they have disclosed their financial information to each other. Hays & Strode Law, P.C. is happy to assist parties at any stage of their case with mediation. [Back to Top]

Marital and Cohabitation Agreements

Many couples prefer to be proactive and agree in writing about their expectations in the event their relationship does not work out. Couples in any stage of their relationship – living together but not married, engaged, and even already married couples can provide themselves with legal assurances about their relationship by signing a marital or cohabitation agreement. Hays & Strode Law, P.C. can help by explaining common provisions in such an agreement, advising the legal consequences of either signing or not signing the agreement, and drafting such an agreement for you. [Back to Top]


Hays & Strode Law, P.C. can help you get your affairs in order so you can rest assured that your property will always be handled according to your wishes. We offer will drafting and other end-of-life planning assistance for people with basic estates. [Back to Top]